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Weight Loss Enzyme Plum is a natural healthy food, with NO SIDE EFFECTS, made from edible HERBAL plants such as Yunnan Puerh tea, liquorice powder, plantain seed, lilium brownii, Mocha powder and Lotus leaves. It is prepared especially with green plums,compound fruits enzyme and active lactobacillus.


It is found that over a long period; plum contain some dietary fiber is not digested in reducing high-calorie meal feeding at the same time. The intestines can absorb toxins excess fat, along with the fat waste excreted. So as to achieve the purpose of rapid weight loss beauty, its unique sour can stimulate gastric secretion. Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. Helping fat burning. Easy to subtract the excess body fat at the same time prevent new fat synthesis, to achieve weight loss do not rebound.

Ingredients List: 

Green plum (sugar-stained plum white sugar) fructose oligosaccharide compound fruits enzyme(blueberry enzyme powder, strawberry enzyme powder, cranberry enzyme powder, cherry enzyme powder, peach enzyme powder, kiwi fruit enzyme powder,etc) Chinese herbal plant(liquorice powder, Puer tea, plantain seed, lilium brownii, lotus leaf powder, mocha powder) etc.

Natural & Herbal, Safe & Healthy

Health functions:

1.Assist in weight loss. Fat loss, slim body, disappear men’s big stomach

2.Cleaning up intestines effects, detox human’s body

3.Good effect for constipation, 1 piece of enzyme plum can become effective


Depending on the individual,take one or two packets plum per day,with at least 300 milliliter cold water every time after taking the plum,water temperature 38- 45 ℃, not hot water.

Weight Loss: two plums per day, take one plum one hour ago before lunch, another one 30 minutes before go to bed. One box (15 pieces in one box) for one week, four boxes for four weeks for one period of treatment, which can lose weight apparently.One or two boxes can not loss weight too much.

We suggest that buy enzyme plum according to period of treatment is better for losing weight.

For constipation: one or two plums per day according to how badly of constipation you have, for serious constipation take one plum 30 minutes before breakfast, another one 30 minutes before go to bed; for slight constipation just take one plum 30 minutes before go to bed,one plum per day is ok.

Cleaning up intestines,detox: two plums per day, take one plum 30 minutes before breakfast, another one 30 minutes before go to bed

Shelf life: 540 days

Net weight: 150g/box

Packing methods: 15 packets/box

Product License Number: QS3502 1701 0407

Flavor: sour & sweet, greengage taste



Do not expose the product to heating direct sun radiation.

Have the product store in refrigerator after unsealed.



(1)Pregnant women,young children,those who suffer from peptic ulcer and ones with weak physically constitution are forbidden to take this product.
(2)Never take this product with other weight loss products.
(3)Do not swallow the seed of the plum.
(4)Mail the product back to us if there appears flaws.

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